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Jacksonville top NC City to raise kids


                                                            Jacksonville top N.C. city to raise kids

JACKSONVILLE – Business Week Magazine named Jacksonville the best city in North Carolina to raise children.

  •  Low crime rates and quality schools were the magazine’s top-two criteria. The magazine also used criteria like recreation opportunities and affordability.

    The ranking doesn’t surprise Mayor Sammy Phillips.

    “Jacksonville has come a long way,” he said. “We’ve tried to plan our growth in such a way that it doesn’t impact our quality of life.”

    The magazine notes the city’s rise from farm town to commercial hub. City officials say the Marine Corps has played a huge role in that growth and development. It’s also kept the crime rate low.

     “They are very disciplined, and they are very self-controlled and well behaved. And they project that very positive image,” Phillips said.

    The Marine Corps is what brought both Kasi Flores and Chelsea John to Jacksonville. They say they’re excited to raise their young children in the city.

    “I like the fact that there’s lots of people that have children here. So its not hard to find little friends for them to go and play with.”

    City officials hope the city’s positive attributes will keep them here.

    Greenville and Wilmington were North Carolina’s runners up. Mount Prospect, Ill., a Chicago suburb, was named best place in the nation to raise children.


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